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Long Island Airport Guide: How to Get In and Out of the Airport in Less Than an Hour

Dec 23

Have you ever been stuck in a long line at an airport? There are a few simple tricks to ensure that your next visit to the airport is a breeze. We’ve put together these 4 easy steps to help get you through the airport quickly. The process below will save you time and energy, so get ready to fly!


The Process 

1) Make sure you have all of your necessary travel documents printed out and in order. This includes your boarding pass, ID, passport, and other relevant items. 

2) Pack light. The less luggage you bring with you on your flight, the less time it takes to go through security and the more time you have before boarding. 

3) Get there early. Give yourself plenty of time before your flight take-off by arriving around three hours before departure time.

4) Use a Car Service. Eliminate the extra stress of parking and traffic and hire a car service. They usually know the roads really well and can help you get to the airport in more than enough time.

people standing in line at airport

Make Sure You Have All the Documents

It's a good idea to print out your boarding pass and any other documents you'll need before you head out to the airport. Make sure your passport is valid, as well as all of your required travel documents.


Pack Light

It’s important to pack light for your trip. There are a few ways you can do this.

First, only bring what you need. Take out the things that don't have a use during your trip and leave extra space in your luggage. Also, pack with layers and think about what you'll need while traveling that day. For example, if it's cold outside, wear warm clothes so you can keep warm on the plane. If it's warm, take some light-weight clothes that you know will be more comfortable in warmer temperatures. 

Take into consideration how much time you'll spend on the flight and what kind of activities or events might happen during your trip. When planning your packing list, consider what activities you want to take part in while waiting at the airport or when getting off the plane after arriving at your destination.

airplane landing

Get There Early 

So you're ready to get to the airport early, right? When you're flying out of an international airport, you'll want to give yourself a little time. If you're traveling internationally, try to arrive no later than three hours before your flight takes off. The reason for this is that it takes time for all the luggage to come through security and move to the check-in area. This means that if you arrive at the airport too close to departure time, there might not be enough time for your bag to come through security. If your flight is departing from a domestic airport, arriving 3 hours before departure is still recommended but there are other factors that could affect how much time your bag will take.


Use a Car Service 

A car service is the perfect way to avoid the stress of parking and traffic. Moreover, they usually know the roads extremely well so that you'll have no problem getting to the airport in plenty of time. Consider taking a ride with All Long Island Car Services.   There are many other car services out there, but we've chosen this one because they're reliable and provide great value. To book a ride contact them at: 631 655 7044 or click here to request a quote.