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Amazon Aggregator Startups and Providers to Know

Feb 22

The world of Amazon has become an efficient system of creating millionaires. In a Jungle scout survey of Amazon sellers, nearly 20 percent of these sellers made 1 million US dollars or more from their business on this Ecommerce platform. 

Amazon Aggregators buy successful brands and improve their marketing, positioning, and packaging for elevating their brands to generate next-level profits. 

Many of these aggregators are acquiring some brands on other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy. They try to increase the brand visibility of acquired brands across multiple platforms. 

These companies are raising massive funds and have become the most profitable business category. New players are emerging every week. 

Let’s look at the top 9 Aggregators.


The total funding of Thrasio is around 1.7 billion US dollars. The company is a leading player in the field of Aggregators, raising huge funds. Thrasio is headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts. 

They have acquired hundreds of brands during their operational journey and made them successful global brands. Moreover, the company is planning to go public. The brands of Thrasio include Circadian Optics, Sdara Skincare, Vybe Percussion. 


 Perch has charged on Thrasio no 1 position on the list of Aggregators. The company has raised a total of 908.8 million US dollars in funding. 

Perch has secured large series of funding raised by a consumer goods company, with an investment of 775 million US dollars led by SoftBank Vision. Perch raised total funding of more than 1 billion US dollars through this massive infusion. 

Perch has extensive knowledge of e-commerce supply chain management, and they have a massively effective team handling their market operations. 

Out of hundreds of brands under the company umbrella, Flexi Hose and Satina Leggings are the leading brands. 


The website of Unybrands said that the company closed the deal under four weeks due to its extensive financial firepower, which allowed it to payout instantly. The company has raised the funding of 325 million US dollars. It is a better option for those acquirers that adhere to 45 days' close. 

In less than a year, the company has narrowly focused on eight categories: personal care, pet care, household products, baby products, fitness and sports, arts and lifestyle, garden and outdoor, and supplements. 

Unybrands hire those brands that match their expertise levels and have significant experience handling them.  The team of Unybrands makes your brands successful on multiple ecommerce platforms. The company denied disclosing the information of the brand they have acquired and brands that are under their portfolio. 

Elevate Brands 

Elevate Brands has gone through many phases of Amazon, from wholesale reselling to retail arbitrage, and has become an aggregator. The company has raised total funding of 317 million US dollars. 

The CEO of the company, Ryan, has learned many lessons in his journey of Amazon and continues to utilize that knowledge with his team to scale acquired brands. 

Elevate Brands is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has experience in buying and operating private label Amazon brands. 

More than 25 brands are working with Elevate brands, including Active Chews, Wills Wine, and Essential Values. 

Seller X

Malte and Philipp founded Seller X, which is headquartered in Berlin. The company also has offices in London and Miami. The company co-founders said they were inspired by those brands making their customers happy by selling everyday staples on Amazon. 

Those are the companies that Seller X targets for acquisition, and they are working with more than 30 brands. They haven't disclosed information about the brand names they are working with. The company has raised funding of around 265.9 million US dollars. 

Berlin Brands Group 

The company was founded in 2005 and started as a manufacturer, and after they began acquiring D2C and Amazon Brands.

The company is headquartered in Germany and also has offices all over the globe, including San Francisco, China, and Hong Kong. The company has raised total funding of 240 million US dollars.

The company's CEO Peter Chaljwaski said that the company is successful due to its omnichannel D2C strategy and history of the building and launching successful products. The company has more than 14 brands under its umbrella, including Klarstein and Auna and multinational brand Schubert Musical Instruments.  


The company specifically focuses on health and beauty brands and offers complete lifecycle services from marketing to manufacturing. The company has raised total funding of 175 million US dollars. 

Growve purchases a partial share of those companies under their interest and makes complete acquisitions. They operate differently from most of their competitors. 

The company has held its place in the top 5000 fastest growing companies in the US and has acquired more than 20 brands like Fruily. The brands acquired by them enjoy a healthy reputation under their specific niche. 

Moonshot Brands 

Moonshot brands acquire both Amazon natives and D2C brands, and unlike competitors, they don't prioritize the number of acquisitions. They focus on acquiring a few brands that can grow as category leaders. 

This company has raised a total of 160 million US dollars in funding. Some of the brands the Moonshot acquires include Magneto Boards and Bustin Boards. 


The founding team of this company includes giant E-commerce experts: CEO Andrew worked with brands like Target, Amazon, and Dolls kill in the customer experience department; Chairman Salzburg is the former CEO of Blue Apron; David Parks has worked with Amino Apps and Google. Under the supervision of these talented leaders, the company's total funding is 150 million US dollars. 

The company refuses to disclose the information of total acquired brands, but they said that two are Lone Cone and Turma quick. 


This article has gone through the number of Aggregators Startups and providers you should know. These Aggregators are continuously acquiring brands and scaling them to become global brands.

 The list of Top-performing Amazon aggregators in terms of fundraising and brand acquisition is mentioned above. If you want to sell your Amazon brand to them, they are the best choices to strengthen your brand position.