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Are There Benefits To Hiring People With Disabilities?

Apr 26

Enhancing employment outcomes and opportunities for individuals with disabilities such as Good Sammy often improves the community, the economy, and people's lives. But you may not know that companies also get to enjoy specific social benefits when hiring people with disabilities?

Employers not only receive financial assistance and benefits when they hire people with disabilities, but also reap the benefits of harder-to-quantify perks. 

A Problem-Solving Culture

People with a disability often bring unusual tenacity when it comes to their job. They have been solving problems for their entire life, and they bring this problem-solving mindset to the job. Since individuals with a disability often need to find various other ways to complete tasks, they might approach their job with a different vision, which is often contagious. 

Improved Collaboration

When members of a team come from different backgrounds, they frequently develop more creative solutions or answers since they have an improved understanding of and knowledge of your customers. Hiring employees with disabilities can also bring an important point of view to discussions. 

A More Welcoming Environment

An employee with a disability can bring added insight to any customers that are facing similar circumstances. And since 18% of people living in Australia have some type of disability, these insights can become invaluable. 

Customers with a disability (and their associates, friends, and families) make up a large portion of the market segment. Similar to other consumer groups, they buy services and products from companies that match their needs. 

Enhanced Reliability 

Social pressure in workplaces can enhance employee engagement and performance. According to the Government of Western Australia's Disability Services, individuals with disabilities usually take fewer days off and stay in a position for longer when compared to other workers. These traits might encourage other workers and this will improve tenure and attendance. 

Stronger Connections With Customers

Many businesses work extremely hard to improve customer loyalty, and this is not an easy task. With such high levels of competition in many industries, you need to find different ways to make sure you stand out. The employees that you are hiring could give you an upper hand. 

Individuals with disabilities frequently create a strong connection with customers, and this can encourage your customers to keep returning to your company over and over again. 

Reduced Turnover

Businesses with high employee turnover will often find it harder to build cohesive teams. With employees that are constantly coming and going, it can become a challenge to create a reliable social culture. 

Since workers with disabilities tend to remain in a position for longer when compared to other workers, they can become a steady and positive social influence on your business. 

Improve Your Branding

A diverse workforce will improve the brand of the company. Hiring individuals with a disability will show commitment to the contributions and talents of every type of individual in society. Watching people of varying abilities work together to accomplish goals is truly inspiring.

A Move Toward Innovation

One of the other social benefits of hiring people with disabilities changes the culture of the company to move toward innovation. 

Most people with a disability use technological innovations throughout their daily lives, from robotics and spell check to voice activation and closed captioning. Since they are already used to this type of technology, they may bring about an innovative perspective and might motivate supervisors and coworkers to approach customers and their work in unique and new ways.