5 As soon as-In-A-Lifetime Journeys To Guide In Advance

(Photo: Courtesy Lightfoot Travel)

Posted by Annie Simpson

Posted by Annie Simpson

January 13, 2021

The future of travel may still be uncertain due to Covid-19, but you can still look forward to something if you plan one of these once in a lifetime experiences in advance


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With social distancing rules still in place and travel restrictions still in place even though we said goodbye to 2020, the pandemic is still an integral part of our lives. While we may not be traveling as fast as we hoped in the near future, with vaccines already being used in numerous countries, things look more positive when it comes to making long-term plans. So when you need something to look forward to, there is never a better time to plan a once in a lifetime trip. While we’re sure the days will be back when we can book a getaway on a whim, these experiences require careful planning and are best booked in advance – a perfect antidote to any lockdown blues.

From traveling on the Orient Express to gorillas in Rwanda to Galapagos tours, we’ve spoken to the experts at Lightfoot Travel to find five of the once-in-a-lifetime trips you can book right now.

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Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

“I would recommend the Venice-Simplon Orient Express for Europe,” notes Lightfoot’s European travel destination expert. “”[As a destination it is] always once in a lifetime and book well in advance – and that will be even more the case now, as it does not run for a long period of time and so many cancellations and postponements. “

“The highlights are the classic ambience, the great Dolomites and the alpine landscape (better if you go to Venice – London as you sleep through the night if you go the other way) and most of all the fantastic food!”

“Anytime is good to go – there are no sightseeing stops, so it’s really about the onboard experience. Winter takes a few months, and months like June and October are usually best for availability, price, and price some beautiful spring or autumn landscapes, and it doesn’t get too hot on board … “

Best travel time: At any time!

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Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

The African continent has so much to offer that there are several countries and cultures to experience. For a bucket list trip, Lightfoot Travel recommends a trip to Rwanda, which has now become “a welcoming and friendly destination with wildlife viewing opportunities and fabulous safaris as a major attraction in the country”.

With the highlights of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, including the chance to spot extremely rare gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitats, experts advise booking this trip early for several reasons. For one, the national parks only accept a certain number of permits per day for visitors as well as rooms that are booked well in advance.

In addition to visiting the famous Parc National Nyungwe Forest and Akagera National Park to see the magnificent endangered mountain gorillas roaming freely in the jungle, the destination also offers the chance to spot big game like lions, giraffes and elephants – either the comfort of one luxurious lodge or from the sky high point of a helicopter tour.

Best travel time: July to September, although the February to June low season is less crowded

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Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

Lightfoot’s Latin American specialist, Ollie, recommends traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for your once-in-a-lifetime trip. It is “simply fascinating to see Charles Darwin’s findings in practice (on the islands belonging to Ecuador) as a reflection of his theory of evolution, since one can see the changes on the islands that have remained untouched by predators.”

He also notes that this is an excellent choice for early planning, stating that “booking low and early prices for this destination makes sense as it requires advance planning”. Ollie also notes that staying on a boat is the best way to hop from island to island in comfort – with most travelers booking well in advance to secure cabins on the best luxury expedition yachts.

It is recommended to travel between September and June to avoid the “foggy season”. However, December through June is the optimal time for the best viewing of wildlife, as the mating and breeding seasons are in full swing. Highlights of the experience include snorkeling with sea turtles, penguins, and baby sea lions, animal cruises through mangroves, kayaking, hammerhead scuba diving, and hiking to the top of the volcanoes for incredible views.

Best travel time: December to June

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Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Lightfoot Travel

“From the monumental pyramids of Giza to the colossal Valley of the Kings to the mesmerizing Nile, a trip to Egypt will appeal to any explorer and lover of ancient history,” explains Lightoot’s Middle East expert.

“Begin your explorations in the chaotic yet beautiful city of Cairo with its hectic streets and bustling souks. Marvel at the pyramids and after hours marvel at the mask of Tutankhamun in the legendary Cairo Museum. Next, take a luxury cruise on the Nile as you drive.” to the heart of the land of the Pharaohs. Ride your private Dahabieh, a traditional Egyptian boat that has been converted into a luxury yacht. Explore the Luxor Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens with your private Egyptologist and visit the mighty Temple of Amun in Karnak. On the way, experience a glimpse of daily life on the banks of the longest river in the world. “

Best travel time: Art d’Egypte, an Egyptian art consultancy, puts on an annual pop-up exhibition that takes place in a historic location in the city. Plan your trip in October and end your trip with a dinner in Cairo at the most exclusive arts event of the year.

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Sagsay, Mongolia - September 21, 2012: Mongolian eagle hunter.  A Mongolian eagle hunter from the Kazakh tribe with his eagle on his arm.  He wears his traditional skin clothing, which is typical for western Mongolia in the Altai region.  The Kazakhs in western Mongolia domesticate female golden eagles for hunting.  Through these eagles they hunt rabbits, foxes and even wolves in the very cold winter.

Mongolian boy tending his flock of sheep / goats.

If you are thinking of traveling to Mongolia, it is best to book early. Lightfoot’s Mongolian travel expert explains, “While there are dozens of ger camps across the country, the best are smaller and book well in advance.” – with just a handful of mandalas across the country who are hugely popular. “

The highlights of an epic trip to the region “are visiting nomadic families, participating in their daily chores, helping the animals and learning their way of life. While much has remained unchanged for centuries, the country is modernizing and change begins. Experience the different parts of Mongolia with their diverse wildlife – camels in the south, eagles in the west, reindeer in the north and more horses than you can count almost anywhere! We simply experience the vast landscapes, the big blue sky and visit the most sparsely populated country of the Earth. The Covid pandemic has made us appreciate space and the opportunity to escape the crowds more than ever. “

Best travel time: May to early September – or late September to October if you want to attend the Eagle Festivals in the west

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