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Article last changed – November 11th, 2020

Baby Boomer Retirement in Mexico – Travis Scott Luther

As a Baby Boomer travel, health, and fitness blogger, I was recently contacted by author Travel Scott Luther to see if I would like to read his latest book on boomers in Mexico. His novel is called; The fun side of the wall – baby boomers retire in Mexico.

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Well, as a Mexico travel lover for a number of years, I was excited to have the opportunity and learn more about why more and more Baby Boomer Americans are moving to various destinations in Mexico.

What I learned from reading the book didn’t surprise me at all. What happened, however, was the number of Americans who choose to spend their retirement years across the border.

About the author of the funny side of the wall

Travis Luther author

Travis Scott Luther is a Colorado-based writer, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He holds a master’s degree in sociology and his extensive master’s thesis is the result and basis of these publications. It’s a very in-depth look at who, what, when, and why American baby boomer citizens are choosing to move to Mexico for their retirement.

He has traveled to Mexico multiple times and has spent countless hours interviewing hundreds of retirees who now live south of the border.

For those of you who may have thought about this very subject, his book will answer pretty much all of your questions and more.

The fun side of the wall – introduction

Mexico flag

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Travis has focused his book on those people who;

✈ consider retiring in Mexico;

✈ retirees who do not live in Mexico;

✈ Researchers examine baby boomers, age and non-traditional age models.

Surely almost anyone who contemplates such a move will have a ton of questions and will know how to get the ball rolling. Travis goes into pretty much everything in his book, including some very helpful resources that you can also read online to get you started.

Many of the topics he addressed in the book came as quite a surprise to me.

Boomers In Mexico – Is It Right For You?

Mexico sunset

Moving to Mexico is definitely not for everyone, especially those who might expect the standards to be equivalent to what they are used to at home. Over the past several years we have traveled to the most popular tourist destinations across Mexico many times and have camped on the Baja.

I love the people and the culture in Mexico. In fact, I’ve even taken Spanish courses and a university credit course in Spanish for the past few years. But actually moving from Canada to Mexico at this stage of my life is not something we would ever consider.

A focus on boomers from the USA

We are fortunate to have a population far below that of our southern neighbors. In fact, Canada’s entire population is pretty close to that of the state of California. We have room to breathe, and thankfully our health care facilities and nursing homes are provided for us by our government.

Travis discovered this through his extensive research into why boomers are making the move.

“I’ve generally found that boomers are interested in Mexico because they believe that they can save money by living there,” he said. “But when they get there, they fall in love with their local community and the Mexican people and culture. While they are drawn to the idea of ​​retiring a little earlier and saving some money, they find that when they come to Mexico, it is the authentic community and authentic culture that keeps them there. “

After reading the book, it’s pretty obvious that American boomers are definitely looking for a better lifestyle than the United States right now.

On our camping adventures in the south over the years, we’ve made friends with many American boomers in Arizona and Southern California. Many of them travel to Mexico regularly for dental and medical care.

They all say their savings are enormous and for exactly the same professional care they would receive in the United States.

Boomers in Mexico – Recommendations

Mexican plate

Photo by Hana Brannigan from Pexels

If you’ve been considering moving to Mexico for your golden years, wanting to improve your lifestyle and way of life, I highly recommend you grab a copy of The Fun Side Of The Wall. The information you get from this book will definitely help you make a decision that suits you!

Below, I’ve included a link to the blog page on Travis Scott Luther’s official writer website. His website is filled with some excellent blog posts and a lot more. Definitely worth a visit.

???? Mighty Buffalo – How to Move to Mexico

I have also listed the official link for Mexico tourism at the bottom of the website. It contains excellent information on everything this beautiful country has to offer.

Visit the Mexico Tourism Logo

???? Mexico Tourism

Safe journey! ????

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Did you know already …

“Mexico is home to the largest pyramid in the world – the great pyramid of Cholula, 180 feet tall.”

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