Bravely Default 2 – Double Dare Facet Quest Information

Brave Standard 2 has a terrifying number of side quests like that Double dare Search in Halcyonia. These side quests will be unlocked after completing The Outlaw’s Lair in the game’s prologue and you will need to return to Halcyonia to receive and complete this quest.

Bravely Default 2 Double Dare Walkthrough

The young man who starts Double Dare in Bravely Default 2 is next to the ramp on the left in Halcyonia near the inn. He will tell you that he went to the “abandoned house in the north” and put an important book there. It’s a 2-star side quest, and you get two Dodge Rate Booster Buns to help out (these will permanently increase the Dodge Rating for anyone who consumes it so it’s worth grabbing).

Exit Halcyonia and head north along the road to Outlaw’s Hideout. Step inside and head into the first room to see a golden aura on the table. Interact with it to pick up the boy’s book, then go back to town to return it. Yes, getting the book was that easy. However, if you didn’t find any of the chests in the Outlaw’s Hideout the first time around, now is exactly the time to complete that particular task (our Spoiler-Lite walkthrough for the prologue lists all of the positions and drops).

It has to be night before you can hand in the double dare. So sit outside Halcyonia until the sun goes down. As soon as it’s nice and dark, go into town and talk to the boy to earn your two Booster Buns (Evasion). Each one increases a character’s evasion rating by one and you’ll see how much each one has as you pick the buns. You don’t have to use them right away (maybe hold onto them if you want to turn someone into a committed thief later).

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