Colorful Colorado road trips come alive for families with new kids’ adventure book

EAGLE, Colorado, March 31, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure Colorado Summer Road Trip” by Elyssa Nager offers a fascinating outlet for families interested in a Colorado road trip. Published by Resort Books Ltd, ideal for kids ages 3 to 12, this book brings favorite spots across Mile High State to life.

It can be used as a practical itinerary or simply a fun learning ship to better understand the diverse geography of the state. Each page features authentic illustrations by Colorado children who offer their own unique interpretations of the remarkable places the characters visit.

The narrative follows the journeys of Eli, an adventurous boy, and his buddy Mort the Moose. During their road trip adventure in Colorado, the two cycle the 401 dirt road in Crested Butte, snowboard down the sand dunes, imagine marine animals swimming in waterfalls in Estes Park, feed alligators, fry marshmallows, sleep under the stars and experience all of the joy and wonder of Colorado in the summer.

The book is the ninth in the series of travel adventure books for children by the couple Elyssa Nager (author) and Ken Nager (creative director) from western Colorado.

Eli and Mort's Epic Adventure Colorado Summer Road Trip

“We wanted to share all of the adventures our own children have in an outdoor mecca like Colorado,” said author Elyssa Nager. “Children love the books because the backgrounds are illustrated by children for children. Like all of the other travel and adventure books in the Eli and Mort Epic Adventure Series, kids can follow Eli and Mort on their full epic adventure, visiting just a few of their favorite places, or just using their imaginations. The books are a great resource for parents planning a trip while also involving their children in the process. “

The book is already gaining positive feedback from trusted Colorado news sources. “Adorable!” Says Colorado Public Radio, “This newest one is available all over the state … a really, really great option for kids (gifts).”

Eli and Mort's Epic Adventure Colorado Summer Road Trip


As featured on

The books have been featured on Colorado Public Radio (36:09 minute), Channel 9 News, Denver, Channel 4, Vail, Mountain Town Magazine, and a variety of local and national news outlets and publications.

About Colorado Tourism

Colorado was the most visited state in the country in 2019, and many visitors explore all that the state has to offer by taking road trips.

About Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure Series

Eli is a five year old boy and Mort the Elk is Eli’s best friend. They are inseparable and together they ski, mountain bike, catch their breath, visit national parks and experience all the excitement and wonder that the world has to offer. Resort Books works with local children in adventure areas to illustrate the wallpapers for all of our books.

Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures are number one in selling children’s books in their respective markets. The books include: “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure Colorado Summer Road Trip”, “Eli and Mort Learn To Snowboard 1, 2, 3, We Did It!”, “Wiggle Mort the Moose Giggle”, “Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventure in Vail, Eli and Mort’s Epic Aspen Adventure, Eli and Mort’s Epic Beaver Creek Adventure, Eli and Mort’s Epic Breckenridge Adventure, and Eli and Mort’s Epic Steamboat Adventure.

Where can I get Eli and Mort books?

Eli and Mort’s epic adventure series is available in local bookstores, children’s stores, and retail stores across Colorado, on Amazon, and on our website

Involvement of the Colorado School

Several art teachers at the Colorado school have made drawing part of their curriculum for the series. The children then submit their drawings for the art competition for the books.

Next in line

Look out for “Eli and Mort are learning to ski, 1, 2, 3 We did it!” is our next book as well as a coloring and activity book by Eli and Mort the Moose.

About resort books

Resort Books creates travel and adventure books for children. Our mission is to capture the childlike wonder children experience as they embark on their next adventure.

About Elyssa Nager, author and Ken Nager, creative director

Elyssa Nager, an Amazon best-selling author, is the author of Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures. Ken Nager is the series’ creative director. When they’re not writing books, their three boys can both enjoy great Colorado mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding.

Ken and Elyssa are based in Eagle, Colorado.

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Eduardo Paj, illustrator

Eduadro Paj is the illustrator of the Eli and Mort Epic Adventures Series. He lives outside of Mexico City and believes that the most precious moment comes when your ideas come to life and characters appear before your eyes.

Elyssa rodent
Author and Co-Founder, Resort Books
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Ken Nager
Creative Director and Co-Founder of Resort Books
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