Emirates boss Tim Clark predicts air journey will return ‘sooner reasonably than later’

Emirates CEO Tim Clark assumes that the demand for air travel will recover dynamically “sooner rather than later,” he said on Wednesday in an online forum and described the coronavirus crisis in the industry as a mistake that the Golf airline can fully recover.

At CAPA Live, the experienced airline operator rejected predictions of a sustained slump that would penalize network operators and transport hubs such as the Emirates base in Dubai.

“I’m not one of those people who believe in the ‘new normal’,” said Clark. “I believe that demand will come back in a very robust way.”

“The pandemic is a glitch,” said Clark of the aviation industry’s worst crisis. “We’ve had a lot of these in the past – maybe not as severe as this for our industry – but it’s still a glitch and we will make it.”

Emirates is being watched closely to maintain a sizeable order book for larger aircraft that were already depressed during the COVID-19 crisis. Analysts also predict that demand for wide-body or double-aisle jets will be hardest hit by the slump.

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