Enriching and Uplifting Six-Week Guided Journal Empowers Readers to Launch Worry and Discover Therapeutic, Progress and a Deeper Connection to Self

GAITHERSBURG, Md., November 9th, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Life is full of transitions. Positive or negative, expected or unexpected, change can create feelings of stress, insecurity and lack of purpose. With her book “Holy Listening: From Fear to Love”, the author and artist Margaret J. Coan would like to help readers who are in a significant transformation to find their position and to develop a solid body-mind-spirit connection that is based on love rather than fear.

Developed with six-week journal announcements, experiential practice, and sacred listening meditations, Sacred Listening encourages readers to slow down, make space for themselves, reflect on who they are at their core, and determine whether their lives are in tune with that Purpose of their soul stands. Each day offers a new opportunity to dive further inward and discover one’s needs and desires, heal old wounds and harmful beliefs, cultivate a deeper love and appreciation for oneself and others, and build a relationship with the Creator. Coan also records her personal reflections at the beginning of each chapter as a reminder that no one is alone on their journey.

“Sacred Listening” was inspired by both Coan’s own spiritual pilgrimage and her professional work with people experiencing major life changes such as homelessness and grief. With her book, she hopes to reach out to others facing similar challenges and provide guidance as they set out to heal, grow, and become who they are supposed to be.

“Author Margaret Coan did all of the prep work for you, the reader, to attend a home spiritual retreat at the manageable pace,” wrote Amazon reviewer Molly O. Hart. “The workbook format is easy to follow. The reflections, journal prompts, experiential exercises, and listening prompts are all rewarding opportunities for personal growth. “

Sacred Listening is written for spiritual seekers who are willing to let go of fear, ask deeper questions, and sit in the discomfort of self-discovery. It is an interactive, practical guide to awakening and realizing the authentic self within.

“Sacred Listening: From Fear to Love”
By Margaret J. Coan
ISBN: 9781452553634 (softcover); 9781452553627 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press

About the author
Margaret J. Coan is a writer and artist. She was a social worker for the homeless and bereaved in the hospice. She graduated from Loyola University Maryland’s pastoral care program. Her life experience as a wife, mother of three sons, social worker for the homeless and grief counselor for the hospice has produced her gift of founding and promoting sacred listening groups to support people in times of transition. She loves art as a tool for self-expression and as a way to learn and connect with the divine Creator. She likes beadwork, collages, printing, interior design, photography, crocheting, dancing, and playing the piano. She also loves traveling and spending time in the great outdoors through camping, hiking, biking, and gardening. Coan currently resides in Maryland with her family, where she is currently writing three more books.

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