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It’s a new year (well, one month into a new year) and a lot has happened at Drexel. There has been a return to campus for approximately 1,900 faculty and professionals (an increase of over 400 people), but whether or not you got involved in this stage there are some news, events and deadlines that are relevant for health benefits and Opportunities and make sure to review your first 2021 pay stub.

The following was heard on campus in January:

Drexel’s police alert to recent car thefts in the triangle

As indicated in a “Timely Warning” message sent to the university community on January 22nd, Drexel Public Safety has seen a steady increase in vehicle thefts within and around the campus of the university city at various times of the day. In most cases, the vehicles were unoccupied and ran with keys inside. This month, the student newspaper The Triangle published an article about Drexel Police Department’s efforts to raise awareness of the rise in car theft and promote safe, responsible practices for the community. You can read the article on The Triangle website for information and advice from Drexel Community Relations Officers Kim McClay and Thomas Cirone.

Find out everything you need to know about Drexel’s wellness incentive program

Do you want to maximize your Wellness Points and earn your $ 400 faster? Curious about your spouse / partner’s eligibility or how to sync your smartwatch? Find out everything you always wanted to know about Drexel’s award-winning wellness incentive program at the HR department’s virtual event, Navigating the Wellness Incentive Program, on February 17th from 1pm to 2pm. Please register on the Career Pathway. Participants in this program will receive 15 wellness points to learn how to optimize this popular program.

Book Your Complementary Biometric Screening (And Earn $ 100!)

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 still high, you have two easy options to schedule your free biometric screening through the Wellness Incentive Program. To protect your safety and to aid social distancing, we will not be holding a screening day on campus this year. However, you can either see your GP or make an appointment to visit a LabCorp facility:

  • Register for the Wellness Incentive Program and click the arrow in the top right corner of “My To-Do List” that says “Complete Your Health Screening”.
  • On the next page, either download and print out a “Doctor’s Form” to forward it directly to your GP, or click “Find LabCorp Location” to make an appointment at the LabCorp location of your choice. Please print out your LabCorp voucher while planning.
  • When planning your LabCorp appointment, select “Employee wellness with body measurements” as the reason for your visit. Select “Other” as the payment method. Drexel will be billed for the cost of the appointment.
  • The process is the same for spouses / partners participating in the wellness incentive program.

Your biometric screening is worth 100 points ($ 100 on your paycheck). Please note, however, that you must complete your personal health profile 2021 before withdrawals can be processed.

If you have any questions about this process please call 1.866.695.8622.

Review your first 2021 pay slip

Happy New Year! As the New Year kicks off, the Drexel Benefits team strongly recommends that you review your first 2021 payroll to ensure your Open Enrollment choices are accurately reflected in your benefit deductions. The benefit choices you made during open enrollment went into effect on January 1, 2021, along with the 1% increase in the health insurance rate. It is very important to check your first 2021 pay slip to confirm that your benefit deductions are correct. If you have any concerns, please contact the HR Service Center at [email protected]

University contributions to your health account

If you are on the consumer health insurance plan, the university will make a contribution to your health account (HSA) of $ 500 for individual coverage and $ 1,000 for employees plus dependent coverage each January. Funds will be deposited into your HSA account within five business days of your first paycheck in 2021. For details on deposit dates and how to view your payroll, please see the “Performance Reminders for January 2021” section of this month’s HR @ Your service. If you have any concerns, please contact the HR Service Center at [email protected]

Extension of the shuttle service from Center City and Queen Lane

The Drexel University shuttle bus along the Dragon Route (Center City) and Queen Lane Route will operate according to extended timetables from February 1st. The Dragon Route runs from 7:15 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the Queen Lane Route runs from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For full details of the shuttle bus schedule, see the Transportation Services section of the Property and Facilities website. Click through the webpage of each shuttle route for the new timetables, which will go into effect on February 1st.

Guide open to restaurants and retail stores around campus

If you return to campus and are unsure which retailers are open, Drexel Business Services is in close contact with the private retailers and restaurants that operate on and near the university town’s campus. Many are offering a kite special to welcome the campus community back. Anyone looking for new kite gear as part of their return to campus can check out Barnes & Noble’s faculty, professional and alumni discount. For an updated list of vacancies, see the Food and Retail Directory on the Drexel Business Services website. Be sure to contact the individual companies directly to confirm opening times and offers.

Build update

Several major construction projects on and around the campus were significantly completed in late 2020, including renovations to the roof and skylight of the main building, the Powel Elementary / Science Leadership Academy middle school, and the Arlen Specter US Squash Center. (“Substantial completion” means that the work is mainly going on, although the crews may remain on site to add the finishing touches.) For more updates on construction, see the Recent Projects page on the Property and Facilities website. To receive email notification of construction, planned utility shutdowns, and other planned maintenance by Real Estate and Facilities, please send an email to [email protected] with only the following information in the message body: Subscribe You facilities -Notes-L.

Virtual training sessions for Journal Workflow 2.0

Save the date for two upcoming Journal Workflow 2.0 virtual training courses that will be available on Career Pathway:

  • February 16, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • June 16, 1pm – 3pm

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Reminder of general bookkeeping

Departments Expecting Income from Funds (Deposits): Please email General Accounting at [email protected] with the expected receipt amount, as well as FOAPAL to apply that receipt.

Concur selected for Travel & Expense Management Software

Following a recent Request for Proposal (RFP) for travel and expense management software and travel management, Procurement Services, in consultation with the Travel RFP Advisory Group, decided to outsource the software part to Concur. Concur was the clear choice based on both the offers and the competitive pricing. Concur’s solution enables greater efficiency, transparency and automation of travel booking and reimbursement processes, promotes compliance with Drexel travel guidelines and saves time for end users submitting reimbursement requests. Concur is also expanding our travel and expense management capabilities and offering new solutions when needed. Procurement Services is excited to implement this solution in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information on the Travel Management portion of this RFP

Office for Equality and Diversity Receives Grant from PA Department of Education

The Office for Equality and Diversity (OED) was selected to receive a grant to fight sexual misconduct on campus through the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s “It’s On Us” program. The OED grant proposal, selected through a tender process, focuses on the following: 1) Improving the reporting of incidents of sexual misconduct at the university by raising awareness and providing educational programs for hired reporters; 2) Assess existing processes for responding to incidents of sexual misconduct to ensure that the university continues to align with institutional culture and develop best practices; and 3) conflict resolution training for OED employees tasked with processing reports of sexual misconduct. To learn more about the scholarship, check out the feature on HR @ Your Service or the press release from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

New website for resources for the disabled

Disability Resources has moved to its own website: drexel.edu/disability-resources. Disability Resources is now jointly administered by Student Life and Human Resources and is no longer under the Equality and Diversity Office. The Disability Resources website contains information and resources for students and educators (supervised by student life), as well as staff and supervisors (supervised by HR), as well as resources for campus guests and volunteers. For inquiries from students, please contact [email protected] For employee inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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