How To Pack Like A Professional— A helpful Journey Information

Best packing tips and travel hacks 2020

No matter how long your trip is, packing your belongings has never been an easy task.

There is so much to think about and think about how long the trip is, what the weather is like, and if there are any weight restrictions.

Here is the advice we are going to give you on how to stay prepared, pack efficiently, and take care of your belongings.

Even if someone travels more than staying at home, with these Travel tips / hacks You can have the comfort of a home away from home.

List of Top 13 Smart Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

1. Prepare a checklist

When you’re in a hurry and tend to forget things in an emergency, a what to pack checklist is your best friend.
Try to categorize it under different headings like clothing, toiletries, electronics, passport and money, medicine, jewelry, etc.

2. Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are best when you are on the road for a long time and have a lot of things with you.
You organize your clothes so that you can open a specific cube to unpack it at a specific time. This will prevent your suitcase from exploding in your room.

3. Roll your clothes

This is the classic way of packing your bag, and it’s perfect if you don’t have compression bags. You can roll your outerwear with your bottoms, which will give you a perfect garment and save time when you are in a hurry.

4. Place small fragile items in a sock

If you have something to carry in a fragile or fragile item on your trip, it would be too risky to carry in your pocket. For that one hack suggested by National Geographic Traveler Magazine is to tuck it in your socks or in any type of fabric that provides soft cover for it to withstand pressure.
Many people have a habit of carrying perfume bottles in their pockets to avoid breaking them. Take a sock and slide it in.

5. Put shoes in a shower cap

When you are on a hike climbing mountains or crossing hills it is obvious that you tend to have a lot of mud in your shoes. We have a hack for it too. You can keep the items in your bag clean by tucking your shoes in a shower cap.

6. Protect your wrinkled clothing

Who wants to wear such clothes that take a lot of effort before wearing them when traveling.
Always make sure to pick the scuffs that don’t need ironing and put them securely in a dry cleaning bag. This prevents wrinkles. For more hacks, opt for National Geographic Traveler Magazine Subscription.

7. Pack wrinkle-free clothing

It is a pleasure to find that you have a collection of wrinkled clothes in your Almirah. That would just be an easy way to take them with you on the trip. Thank goodness to the brands that came up with such styles in the apparel department.

8. Pack heavy items close to the wheels

If you need to pack something heavy in a movable bag, make sure you place it at the base near the wheels. This will make your backpack a lot easier to use.

9. Use a nib from an old pen to protect the chargers

Use an old pen nib to secure chargers. Pen springs folded over linen are a great way to keep connecting links from bending and breaking.

10. Use an electronics organizer

Keep all your hardware and cables in one place and in great condition with a gadget coordinator. In case you don’t have an electronics organizer, the glass case that came with your old glasses is an excellent hack for these situations.

11. Use a drinking straw to protect your jewelry

This works especially well if you have a very delicate necklace. Just slide your accessories in. This avoids tangles and ties.

12. Store makeup in contact lens cases

If you have to carry your special makeup kit, you may have a quick clip by placing it in contact lens cases. This would help keep it minimal and avoid heavy kit.

13. Provide travel-sized liquid toiletries in bottles

If you have liquid or creams, you will need to wear them and put them in small travel bottles. This will help you pack and carry them when you travel, and will reduce the space in your sack.

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