Kerala opens its seashore for the general public from November 01 2020

The beauty of Kerala are the backwaters and beaches. The pristine beaches have been untouched since the lockdown began, and following recent developments, Kerala has opened its beaches to the public.

According to government reports, the Kerala state government opened its beaches from November 1st. This is the second phase in which various tourist destinations across the state will be opened up. November 1st, which falls on Sunday, was also Kerala Day and Kerala opened its pristine beach locations to tourists.

In the first phase of the development, the state government decided to open mountain stations, backwater tourist resorts, houseboats and adventure resorts from October 12th. All of these locations should adhere to the safety and precautionary measures established by the central government.

On Opening Beaches In Kerala, EM Najeeb, Senior Vice President of India’s Association of Tour Operators (IATO) said that reopening Kerala’s beaches will re-energize the hotel and tourism sectors, and will also help local families To spend time on the beach and relax break amid the coronavirus crisis.

Since October, Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had opened and implemented up to 26 major tourism projects to make the state a perfect tourist state.

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