Ladies Who Travel: The Top Vloggers of 2021

It may not be right that the pandemic is about to end, but life went on. With social distancing, masks and frequent disinfections that have become muscle memory for us, and ongoing immunization against the coronavirus, travel has also increased. Some are doing it themselves while others are virtually on the go, all thanks to the brilliant vlogs on YouTube and Instagram created by some very talented women. Even as authoritarian regimes try to shackle women with laws that restrict their mobility and travel, today on International Women’s Day we look to the best of the Indian Internet to lift our spirits. Our curated list features a mix of popular vloggers with a steady following and young talent who we believe deserve a Dekko. May I help you.

Kritika Goel

Moving from a 9-5 job to a career in vlogging was obviously never an easy decision for Kritika Goel, but she made it happen. Kritika flies alone around the globe to travel places and is a tourist in her hometown. She told live how everyone can pursue their passion. From skydiving to deep sea diving, she has covered different types of diving. Even the lockdown couldn’t stop the craze in Kritika and there she flies again and shares some amazing travel tips to help the community.

Larissa Dsa

The always adorable Larissa is the mother of two children– –Tazz the dog and Chiquita the kitten– –and yet she is a crazy traveloholic. In addition to being an Indian female traveler, Larissa is a travel presenter for a broadcaster and brand ambassador for the world’s leading action cam brand. She recently moved to Goa and gave us important beach vacation destinations. Larissa’s YouTube channel is nothing less than a fun roller coaster ride that you will never regret.

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Shenaz Treasury

Shenaz often pops up on social media when you’re feeling bad and just makes it go away with the snap of a finger. The Ishq Vishk star is in love with her first love, acting, her passion for travel is very special. With a staggering 818,000 followers on Instagram, Shenaz hasn’t let her followers down. Her travel content on Instagram is as vibrant and lively as Shenaz. Not only does it stop on a YouTube channel, but it also has its own travel website.

Sharanya Iyer

Sharanya AKA Truly Nomadly broke all stereotypes and was the epitome of inspiration for all the female travelers out there. From the beginning, she has invested in solo travel in a smart way. Your post lockdown trip to the Maldives would definitely make you want to travel in the moment. She has traveled pretty much the whole country on her own and is now on a mission to cover her trips abroad. Of course, their YouTube channel is always a treat.

It was interesting

Niharika gives us important travel destinations and is one of the up and coming travel vloggers who is definitely looking to make it big. From passing on all the travel issues to educating about places, she was a dedicated travel vlogger. In this age of algorithms and finding how to make it big, she’s still growing on Instagram. Niharika’s well-known love for the mountains will definitely make you fall in love with them too. Case in point– Huh last trip to Kargil!

Asked Khaniyov

In a full time relationship with her first love and passion, Tanya has gained 590,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel through her commitment to travel and creating travel vlogs. Her other YouTube channel, Living with Tanya, shows a quirky and fun-loving side of her. It was difficult being a full-time travel vlogger at first, but now she has proven those aunts in the neighborhood are wrong by creating wonderful content.

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Rutuja Bhagwat

The blogger became a vlogger. Rutuja has a lot to do with a writing job, but her love for traveling is growing by the minute. She manages solo travel quite well and that is reflected in the high quality content that she offers. Her vlogs are both knowledgeable and creative. From local travel to accommodation, it covers pretty much everything.

Radhika Nomllers

As a skier, diver, TedX spokesperson, and solo vlogger, Radhika managed to do it all so well. All of their travel vlogs are known to be absolute eye candy. Your solo trip videos on YouTube can easily be classified under edutainment.

Himani Chavda

If ever there was a criterion for becoming a vlogger, RJs would definitely win the majority of the slots. A very good example of this is Himani Chawda with her Wanderlust Himani channel. All of their travel videos are so fun and engaging that you wouldn’t leave your place without watching the entire video. Himani has done spectacularly well after this job change where she speaks her heart and is quirky in front of the camera.

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Srishti Tehri

As a solo traveler, co-founder of Pet Pipers and founder of the online portals Artisans of Banjara and The Handloom Project, Srishti has done everything. As her passion, traveling has taken her places at home and abroad. Her recent road trip in a trailer from Delhi to Bombay and back was a huge success. Her fun-loving self adds to the general astonishment in her vlogs.

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