Meals Blogger Charisse Yu Has Made Her Mark With Cease Movement Snapshot Recipe Movies

If you’ve heard of the name Charisse Yu, you’ve seen her either on TV, online, or both. That’s because this thriving food blogger was also a television reporter and journalist. A few years ago she gave up her mic for an apron and switched to blogging food. For her, it was the best decision she’s ever made.

Not only did she have time to spend with her two young boys, but she also had to prepare all of the delicious meals she had wanted to make for years.

Charisse has developed the following. She has nearly 400,000 followers on her Instagram page, while her Pinterest boards see over a million monthly viewers. She even sees traffic skyrocket on her blog. As the pandemic has hit many people hard and millions have lost their jobs or are more stressed, eating has become a cure for stress. Fortunately, people like Charisse are gourmets who know exactly what comes to the point.

There is something unique about Charisse’s point of view that other food bloggers won’t find. They are stop-motion videos. Charisse is known for creating snapshot videos that last up to a minute and are made up of thousands of photos. The result is a seamless video that catches the eye of the viewer. Your stop motion videos have a unique flair that enhances the viewing experience.

Her talent for stop motion has allowed her to expand her base into lifestyle videos outside of eating. After all, it’s a niche that she has slowly put herself in. She ultimately wants to become someone who is able to provide holistic and comprehensive advice that can improve people’s lives in all areas.

Charisse is a true gourmet. When she’s not preparing delicious meals at home, she goes to restaurants. In fact, she likes to go out and try new culinary delights. She loves when others cook for her because it gives her a much-needed break!

Her love for food developed early on for cooking at home, as it is not always possible to eat out with young children. As every parent knows, they can be challenging in public places surrounded by crowds.

In addition to eating, Charisse loves traveling. In fact, she’s been to over two dozen countries. While the lockdowns associated with the pandemic have slowed her travels, she plans to dive right back in once things are safe and open again. She loves traveling so much that she has started sharing more travel-related content with her fast-growing audience.

Charisse is a wealth of inspiration. So be sure to check them out Instagram and Pinterest Pages as well her blog to keep up with the latest of her.

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