Now you can be a part of Ayodhya Diwali Celebrations, Nearly

The city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh celebrates one of the auspicious festivals of Diwali, which after 14 years of exile is celebrated as the return of Lord Rama to the Kingdom of Ayodhya, where people are greeted with earthen lamps.

And this year the government of Uttar Pradesh set up a web portal to celebrate the festival of lights on the auspicious occasion of Diwali this year.

There are reportedly around 10,000 volunteers working day and night and the government has marked 24 ghats where the celebrations will take place.

Ayodhya celebrates the occasion of Deepavali like never before, where the city is lit by 5 lakh earth lamps and for people who want to attend the festival but cannot travel for fear of Covid-19, the lamps can be lit virtually in the virtual portal of set up by the government.

To make the virtual lighting more realistic, the followers can choose either earth, copper or brass diyas on the web portal. You can also choose mustard oil, ghee or sesame oil to light up the virtual lamp. After selecting the lamps and the oil, an animated design leads the followers to Lord Rama and Hanuman Griha, where one can experience the virtual lighting of the lamps.

The Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh overlooks the preparations in person and reports indicate that the Indian Prime Minister is likely to attend the event virtually as well.

“Not only that, the hands of the person lighting the lamp on the website depend on whether the devotee is a man or a woman. After the lamps are lit, based on the details of the pendants, a digital thank you letter with the picture of Shri Ram Lalla from UP CM will also be issued. The web portal will be available to ordinary people ahead of the main event on November 13, ”said a UP government spokesman.

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