QUICK HITS: Kenneth Calvert – Hillsdale Collegian

What is a childhood memory that you notice? I was a Boy Scout and spent a lot of time with our Boy Scout troop in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. One memory that really struck me was that we saw a mother bear and her cubs and all of a sudden we were happy and scared. We had to stay up and watch all night to make sure
The bear stayed away from our food and camp. If you could change one event in history, which one would it be? When Julius Caesar was assassinated, Brutus turned to Cicero and said, “Become a dictator and save Rome.” Cicero said: “The republic will save itself.” That didn’t happen. I would want to say to Cicero, “You really have to do this.” What did you only learn as an adult? How much parents love their children. It’s so deep, so powerful, and so deep that it really overwhelms you. Who did you always look up to? I’ve always admired Brad Birzer. If you won $ 1,000,000, what would you spend it on? I love to travel so Ms. Calvert and I would spend a lot of time in Italy and Greece. What is food you couldn’t live without? Peanut butter. I’m addicted to peanut butter. Love it. It is the food of the gods. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? I was in seminary to be a pastor and it was clear that I shouldn’t be doing that. My church history professors said, “Ken, you love the ancient world. You should do that. “That was the best advice I’ve ever had, and without it I wouldn’t be at Hillsdale College. What’s your favorite verse in the Bible? Matthew 28:17.” They worshiped him, but some doubted it. ” That’s the church; that’s Christianity from day one to the present. They worshiped him, but they were also imperfect. But he still says, “Go.” If one day you had to live in the life of a historical character, who would you choose? I would have liked to have been in the Senate of Rome when Cato the Elder said for the first time: “Carthago delenda est.” Carthage must be destroyed. What is a book you think everyone should read? Apart from the Bible? “On the Incarnation” by St. Athanasius. He is also my patron saint. Read it with the CS Lewis tutorial, “On Reading Old Books.” What is one ’80s trend that you wish would come back? I wish they would build Volkswagen Beetles again. I had one. They should come back. What’s the most memorable place you have visited? Number one would be the Church of the Annunciation in Israel, right where Gabriel announced Mary. A quote hangs on the wall: “This is where the word became flesh.” That drives me crazy. Second place would be the Acropolis in Athens. It’s a distant second but I still love this place and have been there many times. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received? I got married the same week as my 28th birthday. Best gift ever. What would you like more people to know about you? That I want Professor Garnjobst’s brain, Mike Roberts’ focus and Al Philipp’s cool Austrian accent.

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