The Foobooz Information to Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia


A last minute guide for the happily in love, the bitterly single and everyone in between.

Courtesy Lil ‘Pop Shop

Going forward, the ongoing pandemic policy is for us to celebrate all holidays as much as possible, in whatever way we feel most solemn while being safe. This means that this year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, a holiday that historically usually attracts the greatest number of amateur diners. Because, as you all know, this year is different. And you’d better believe that almost every restaurant in town is doing something, but these are the special menus, treats, and activities that actually create a semblance of emotion and excitement in our cold uninspired hearts.

Lil ‘Pop Shop biscuit decoration set
How pandemic-friendly is this cooking decoration set? Let me count the ways: it gives you an activity, a pinch of sugar, and the cookies are already baked so you don’t have to clean up the kitchen. Excellent for adults and children alike. $ 25, pick up 2/13 or 2/14

Jezabel’s Alfajores and Chai gift box
Champagne may be the stereotypical drink of choice for Valentine’s Day, but a bag of rose cardamom tea from The Chai Bar is better. Especially with a box of homemade alfajores. (Bonus: Jezabel’s Now Offers Nationwide Shipping.) $ 38, available for Philadelphia delivery, pickup, or shipping.

Shane Confectionery heart-shaped truffle box
A heart-shaped box of chocolates is a cliché, but sometimes a cliché is beautiful! Upgrade from the Walgreens version by ordering from Shane Confectionery, whose box contains the classic buttercream truffles. $ 25- $ 30, pickup or mail order available.

Sweetheart Smash Tart from Small Oven Bake Shop
This cake is apparently based on one that Kim Kardashian smashed recently, but even if you (like me) have no idea what’s going on with it, this cake is very appealing. A hollow chocolate conversation heart holds a raspberry and mint compote cake. To get to the cake you have to break your heart. $ 35, available for pickup or delivery.

Eating Bakery Conversation Heart Cookies
Essen’s heart biscuits are really good at finding the perfect balance of sweet, funny, and a little ironic that every healthy (but loving) person wants to achieve on Valentine’s Day. $ 4 per cookie, available for pre-order or the day of order.

Cut heart shaped pizza
This is a great way to make Valentine’s Day without actually making Valentine’s Day. It’s just a pizza. But it’s heart-shaped. You don’t have to be weird. Only for take away or delivery on February 14th. Available.

Dinner and a film in the AKA Rittenhouse
This is the all-round option: book an overnight stay with in-room dining from and then upgrade to include a film screening in the hotel’s newly renovated private screening room. Bonus: Netflix doesn’t need to be scrolled. The moving options are curated by the Philadelphia Film Society. Call the hotel to book.

Heart-shaped ravioli made from Severino pasta
Anyone who loves pasta will love this heart-shaped ravioli, which is available at Whole Foods and Severino Pasta Shop until Valentine’s Day. Bonus points if you stick to the seasonal color flavor by topping it with marinara sauce.

Fox and Son Fancy Corn Dogs Bouquet
Food-based flower bouquets have gotten a bit of a thing, but I have to say this has been my favorite so far. You even have a choice of hot dog filling so it feels extra personal. That’s romance, isn’t it? $ 24.99, available for pickup only.

The Merkury churro bouquet
If you prefer your sweet (but still fried) food bouquets, we recommend El Merkury’s churro bouquet, which can be delivered anywhere in town for a very sweet surprise breakfast. $ 35, pre-order by February 12th.

Oyster House Shucking Kit
If you have one of these partners who can’t sit still for even a moment, get them an Oyster House peeling kit, have them peel you a dozen fresh oysters, and sit back knowing you both have a great one Got a present. $ 96, pre-order by February 11th.

River Twice Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe
River Twice always seems to take over the boring fixed price menu and becomes a must-have dining experience. Valentine’s Day is no exception: Chef Randy Rucker’s menu includes caviar on chicharrones, grilled squid, quail and chocolate cake with hay caramel. Not a heart-shaped chocolate lava cake in sight. Menu available from February 11th to 14th. $ 75 per person, indoor and outdoor meal reservations possible.

Booker’s Restaurant & Bar Valentine’s Day fixed price
For something a little more casual, reserve a table for Booker’s Valentine’s Day menu and relax in a romantically-lit alfresco restaurant. 50 USD per person. Reservations recommended.

Talula’s daily Valentine’s Day take away
Talula hits the mark of something nicer than you might want to do at home, but still comforting enough that it doesn’t seem out of place for takeout. Add a wine pairing to make it even more special. 100 USD per person.

Mousse & Musi
Musi’s Ari Miller has teamed up with the new Cake & Joe dessert spot to offer a special Valentine’s Day meal featuring Miller’s epic hummus and a Valentine’s Day cake filled with mousse. $ 40 for two.

From Marjorie
From Marjorie’s Valentine’s Day, the Date Night package includes a curated cheese board, a bouquet of roses, a heart-shaped chocolate cake for dessert, and a bottle of wine. Plus, in case you’ve completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day and are now trying to act like you didn’t completely forget about Valentine’s Day, they also deliver. The Valentine’s Day package starts at $ 110.

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