The Maldives affords an revolutionary journey programme for vacationers

The Maldives offers an innovative travel program for tourists

Known for its pristine location, the Maldives has become the first of its kind in the world to announce an innovative method of attracting tourists. The Maldives, already suffering from the pandemic, are now opening and to welcome tourists they have announced their own travel program. This makes the Maldives the first country to announce this program to the world.

The Maldives border mile program has 3 levels: Baarana (Gold), Antara (Silver) and Aida (Bronze), which are available when tourists visit the country and for each visit the tourist receives travel points.

Maldives Government Official Immigration said on Twitter, “Maldives Border Miles is a three tier tourist loyalty program. Tourists are awarded points based on the number of visits and the length of stay. Additional points are awarded for visits on special occasions. “

The Maldivian economy is heavily reliant on tourism, and this new innovative method could help bring tourists to the pristine beach.

The Maldives National Tourism Board official also stated that the plan and benefits of traveling are still unclear and how the points will be earned. However, according to the reports, the plan is expected to start from December 2020.

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