Two good books for the hunters in your life

By V. Paul Reynolds

On the Ridge, Tales of a New England Hunter by Joseph J. Judd, $ 10.95, published by Whitney Acres Editorial.

A dedicated hunter and conservationist for Western Mass, Joe Judd began outdoor writing as a columnist for the West County News in his beloved Shelburne. Although Judd hunts almost all game, he is known and recognized in the turkey hunt. He has been a pro for Quaker Boy Game Calls for many years and has given turkey hunting and calling seminars across New England. He has hunted his favorite game bird all over the country.

His 126-page book is easy and entertaining to read. Judd has a graceful, talkative writing style that makes his book a wonderful companion for any athlete. He is also a thoughtful man who has obviously given it a lot of thought, not just about hunting as a way of life, but also about the human condition and the role of conservation in hunting heritage.

A chapter called “A Special Old Man” is unforgettable and moving. Judd writes: “I couldn’t speak, studied him for a few seconds and tried to feel what he was feeling, but the emotions overtook me. I knew he wanted to travel through the woods and walk the high ridges again. “

All in all, “On the Ridge” is a worthy book that deserves a place on every athlete’s shelf. For a signed copy, send a check to: Joe Judd, 261 Skinner Rd., Shelburne, MA 1370, or email the author: [email protected], check for $ 10.95 plus $ 2.00 for shipping .

More meanders from a snake meadow editor by Paul E. Chase, $ 29.95. Published by Peter E. Randall Verlag.

Paul Chase, a retired Conn. Bank manager, is a man whose life is completely immersed in his profession: highland bird hunting. It’s what made this wonderful collection of stories and reflections possible. As a member of the Snake Meadow Club in his hometown, Chase published his club’s quarterly newsletter for 28 years, hence the name of his book. Art Wheaton, a Maine guide and lifelong highland hunter and friend of Chase, writes the prologue to the book: “He is one of us, a kindred spirit who saves every moment far away from good friends, good campfires, good conversation and good prose; all filed together in a great memory hymn book. “

Chase is a collector of rare sports books, classic sports art, high-end shotguns, and lovers of famous and less famous hunting dogs. He has extensive, encyclopedic knowledge that makes the book a rich source of information for committed highland hunters. For example, Chase devotes a chapter to his favorite sports dog artists and a chapter to his classic sports books.

The book is aptly named because it meanders from topic to topic, but in an engaging manner with charm and grace. No book I know or have read throws such a bright light on the life and thoughts of successful, accomplished people who find their joy and fulfillment in bird blankets with well-trained dogs and good company.

“Another Meander of a Snake Meadow Editor” enlightened and appreciated me more about so many aspects of the history of highland hunting and its rich heritage.

You will too. The book can be purchased from the author at 860-848-8008 or by email at [email protected]


The author is the editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. He is also a Maine guide and host of a weekly radio program – Maine Outdoors – which can be heard on Sundays at 7pm on The Voice of Maine News – Talk Network. He has written three books; For information on how to buy online, visit or at Contact email is: [email protected]

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