UK firm launches $30 bottled air vary for homesick expats

(CNN) – Thanks to the ever-changing travel restrictions for Covid-19, many people around the world have been stranded far from home this year.

In the UK, a rapidly spreading new variant of coronavirus has resulted in several countries around the world imposing bans and restrictions on entry into the country, meaning a large number of residents currently abroad are not can return shortly.However, the My Baggage moving website has come up with a special gift for homesick residents that is literally a breath of fresh air.

The company is currently selling bottles of “real” air from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to bring the smell of home to overseas residents of the UK.

The 500 milliliter bottle costs £ 25 (about $ 33) and comes with a cork stopper so the recipient can keep opening it and taking in the aroma whenever they need a pick-me-up.

In addition to the four UK countries, the company can also accept special requests for other specific locations in the UK, stating that it recently completed an assignment from a Welshman who requested an air sample from the mountainous Snowdonia region of northwest Wales.

In the meantime, special limited-edition bottles of air are also available from the London Underground or a fish and chip shop in Norfolk.

Scent of home

The My Baggage team, which deals with international removals for Brits moving, says they were inspired to bring the cylinder air range to market after doing research linking the human sense of smell with emotional memories.

“We wanted to help them [UK residents living abroad] When you reconnect to your home, we know from published research that our sense of smell is very impressive when it comes to emotions, “says a company spokesman.

“By allowing recipients to take a deep breath of their home country, we hope to relieve homesickness and help them navigate their new lives, wherever that may be.”

According to My Baggage, the vast majority of orders come from those buying the bottles as gifts for friends or family members who live overseas.

The UK bottled air line comes in over four years after air agriculture company Aethaer began selling 580ml bottles of UK country air for $ 115 to buyers in polluted Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai.The Canadian company Vitality Air offers Chinese buyers fresh air canisters from the Rocky Mountains at prices starting at USD 52.99 for a pack of two 8-liter bottles, while the Swiss company Swissbreeze offers air from the mountainous regions of the Central European country for under USD 100 sells $ 20 for an 8 liter bottle.

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