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Many countries, including Cyprus, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, and Romania, insist that travelers take a COVID test before flying.

For these and many other countries, you must be able to document evidence of a recent negative test from an approved laboratory before you are allowed to board the aircraft, typically within 72 to 96 hours of departure.

Now a Hertfordshire pharmacy is offering private COVID testing for anyone in need of an urgent result.

MEDIX Pharmacy, which has been providing full pharmacy services including travel vaccines from Old Town Stevenage for a decade, is now offering private COVID-PCR testing.

The company offers a test service at the pharmacy, which is carried out by appointment only and is available seven days a week for travelers and also for symptomatic people.

With results usually available within 24 to 48 hours, the private tests are likely to prove popular with people planning to travel overseas as airlines begin to reject NHS test results. They’re also great for people who want to get back to work faster.

Jeff Cheung, who runs the pharmacy with his brother Daniel, is proud to offer this valuable service to the community.

“We believe it will appeal to a lot of people. While travel is currently restricted for many, important trips are taking place and it is important to make sure people have access to reliable testing so they can travel safely and society can control COVID-19. “

Medix Pharmacy’s COVID team will attempt to test on the desired day and report the results within 48 hours. However, the results are often available the next day after testing. Given the quick turnaround of results, many people are thrilled with such a reliable and accessible service.

The cost of the private testing is £ 170 for the COVID-PCR antigen test.

Medix Pharmacy has been in town for 10 years, offering a full range of normal pharmacy services, including regular testing and travel vaccinations like yellow fever, as well as NHS dispensing services.

To book a slot for testing, call 01438 940654, 01438 352211, 07307 023265 or 077716 479454 or send an email to [email protected] or just search them on Facebook:

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